About me

Student of life: Perpetually chasing the next shiny object

Welcome to Nico’s Urban Nest, your go-to hub for a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle! I’m Nico, your friendly host, and I’m thrilled to invite you into my world of diverse interests and experiences. At 42, I’ve woven together a tapestry of life that spans consumer tech, personal finance, small space living, delectable cuisine, thrilling travel adventures, and a touch of wellness.


With a background as a yoga teacher for many years, I bring a mindful and balanced perspective to the bustling urban lifestyle. My journey includes a stint as a copywriter in the marketing and advertising realm of the largest consumer electronics company globally. Here, I honed my skills in storytelling, translating complex tech jargon into relatable narratives.


Living in a cozy condo, I’ve mastered the art of small space living, and I’m excited to share practical tips and creative solutions. Having immersed myself in the world of hospitality, fine dining, and hotels, I’ve developed a keen appreciation for the finer things in life. Expect insights on creating a luxurious experience even within the confines of limited space.


The pages of Nico’s Nest will be flavored with my passion for food, inspired by my extensive culinary journey. From mouthwatering recipes to dining experiences that transcend the ordinary, I aim to tickle your taste buds and elevate your culinary adventures.


As an avid traveler, I’ve explored diverse landscapes and cultures, each journey leaving an indelible mark on my soul. Join me as I unravel tales from my globetrotting escapades, offering travel tips, destination recommendations, and a glimpse into the transformative power of exploration.


So, buckle up for an exhilarating ride through the realms of tech, finance, lifestyle, and more. Nico’s Urban Nest is not just a blog; it’s a reflection of my passions, a celebration of the richness life has to offer, and an invitation for you to embrace your own unique journey. Let’s navigate this urban nest together and make every moment count!


Let’s see where this adventure takes us!